What hope is there for a ex-biz dev/marketing founder as a contractor?

We’re in the process of winding down the business as we’ve officially run out of money and options. Sucks, but such is life. I’ve mourned and now ready to move on.

I’ve already put the wheels in motion on my next venture, but it’s going to take a while to build traction and revenue. Hence, I’ll be without an income for awhile.

While I’m building the business, I’d love to take on some contracting work to pay the bills, but I’ve never done it before.

Without sounding like a egotistical douche, I’m really good at user acquisition, marketing and biz dev.

Are there contracting opportunities for people like me, a non-tech business person? Have any of you non-techers made this work?

  • Of course! Start hitting up networking events and send an email to your network informing them for what your now doing I think you’ll be surprised to see how much response you can generate.

    There are a ton of opportunities for non-tech startup people. You also might want to explore speaking on some panels that would get you some great visibility.

  • Was the business you’re winding down a tech business? If it was then you’re a “tech” business person or at least you’d be in demand if you’ve managed to generate some traction for that company.

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