Whom should we hire next?

I built an enterprise product for startups and we have hired two sales reps from our own revenue. We have no external funding. Most of our leads come from SEO.

Whom should we hire next to grow our organization?

  • How many people are in your organization? How many of the founders are finding themselves spending more time running in the gerbil wheel of operations when they could be out doing what they do better – help grow the firm! There reaches a point where a level of management needs to be added in – operations person. Founders have to determine when that point is that they would find it beneficial to hand over the financial, HR, and business ops over to another party. The last company I worked for went from $0-4MM 2008-2012. 22 people. cloud computing and hosting, SaaS, etc. I was hired in early 2012 to take all the crap off the owners’ plates so they could concentrate on growing the business. Within a year billing hit $12MM – and still with 22 people. (23 with me). There’s more than one way to skin a cat. If you choose to hire a 3rd salesman, train one of them to manage the other two. Just my thoughts.

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