How the hell did Justin Kan start so many startups in such a short time?

I’ve been following this dude since his online calendaring app Kiko that got eBay-ed to Tucows in 2006 for 250K.

Since then this dude has pioneered live streaming with Justin.TV, sold SocialCam to Adobe for 60M, started and sold Exec and now about to sell Twitch to Google for 1B. All this time I’ve been struggling to make any traction on two businesses that got nowhere. I’m awed and envious at the same time.

  • Pretty much all of those startups were not just created by him but rather as a co-founder. Also, SocialCam and Exec are both failures; just because some company buys them for the talent doesn’t mean that they were successful exits. I don’t know about Twitch.

    • Not sure I would classify SocialCam as a failure, they sold for $60M. That’s not exactly an acquire-hire.

      • I always thought the SocialCam acquisition was bullshit, but yeah for 60M its definitely not a failure for SocialCam (absolutely a FAIL for Autodesk though).

        • Depends on how much funding SocialCam raised. But even so considering that it was a team of founders, the best scenerio is that each of them walks away with around $10 million or so, which is great for the average person but in the Silicon Valley bubble that’s a failure.

            • No, I’m not actually. In the circles that Justin Khan runs in, everyone is shooting for $1 billion plus exists. Getting only $10 million is chump change, assuming that he got even that.

              The fact that he keeps starting more companies should let you know that he’s not satisfied with what he’s made so far.

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