Have you ever experienced discrimination or harassment in the tech industry?

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I’m a journalist working on a story about how the tech industry has changed, one year since #metoo began. I’m looking for founders or tech employees who can tell me about their experiences of harassment or discrimination — it doesn’t have to be sexual harassment. I’ve spoken with people who’ve experienced disability discrimination, mental health discrimination, or an overall toxic and unsupportive work environment in tech. I’d love to hear your story if you’re willing to share. I will keep all names anonymous unless you’re comfortable sharing and I will tell you about the publication if you contact me directly. Thanks.

  • There is discrimination everywhere. That is human — starting from race, religion, sect, culture etc.

    In the tech industry — you start with $s (aka capital). Who invests? how they chose? majority of the times (rare exceptions do exist), who is ceo? whats the demography of the funded ceo s. You will see a pattern

    Thats a starting point.

    It is all about unfair advantage that is monetized to make mo money!

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