What happened to HealthSouk.com?

I recently found a lot of info online about then but their site is down and they seemed to have closed up shop but nothing official is documented anywhere.

  • For those that wonder WTF is HealthSouk here’s a video


    For a 500 Startups company, the Twitterverse is surprisingly sparse on HealthSouk.

    The idea sounds legit I wonder why it didn’t work out… maybe the uninsured has no money for internet? LOL.

  • actually, they aren’t a 500 Startups company.

    we had discussed doing the investment, however we didn’t come to an agreement with the company and decided not to proceed.

    i believe the company may have given an interview to TechCrunch that indicated we invested, however that was not accurate.

    Dave McClure, 500 Startups

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