Go on? Quit?

Started working an idea with a friend as a full time employee. I’m beginning to lose interest because there’s no constructive value coming from the friend and it’s taking a toll on me to have a full-time job and this at the same time. I feel I have no social life, no personal time and no real value coming in from my friend. I’ve spent quite a bit of money already and now I just want to have a normal life. What should I do?

  • Sounds like you want us to validate a decision for you ?

    You already told us what you want–> ” I just want to have a normal life”..

    Maybe give it another try a few years from now.

  • If your “friend” / business partner isn’t contributing their share now and it’s already bothering you, then you should cut your losses and get out now in my opinion. I’ve been there, done that. It doesn’t even matter if it’s something real or just your “gut feeling”, just move on. My experience is that once the rules of engagement have been established, it’s difficult to change them. If you started out doing the majority of the work and are still waiting for this person to pull their weight, you will probably be waiting forever.

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