How to get an equal partner to make an effort?

One of the people on our team comes in late, only does the tasks they enjoy and then leaves early. How can I motivate them to make an effort?

  • Your fault for making them an equal partner. There’s pretty much nothing you could do. If they were an employee I would suggest firing them but you can’t do that since they are on the same level as you, co-founders.

  • Dialogue, talk to them about the impact of them not carrying their weight, explain why you need to trim the fat in order to succeed.

    Can be useful to talk about expectations and what commitment looks like for both of you, do they agree with everything you do?

  • I have been in the same situation with my (tech) co-founder. He came late almost every day, was “sick” often… I have tried several ways to discuss it with him: very calm and rational, angry and yelling… He said he understood and would make an effort which never converted into actions. Only words.

    I eventually understood that he had a lack of commitment with our startup, I think he wanted to play “the entrepreneur” rather than to be an actual one.

    Our startup eventually failed, not because of him. But his behavior cost us weeks even months of visibility because of the late shipping.

    In your case, are you talking about more than 1 partner? How many partners are there? Are you the only one seeing it? How far are you in the adventure? More information could be helpful in giving you better advice.

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