Would you fund a company started by two couples?

Ask investors: if an early stage startup was founded by two husband-wife couples, would you consider investing if the numbers look good?

  • Of course. However, be wary of ownership conflicts and use the right contracts. Early stage companies always seem to forget due diligence until it’s too late and someone has been screwed over.

    • Thanks! I asked because I read some articles about how husband-wife cofounders are less attractive to investors. I thought two couples might make it even worse. 😀

  • The wife of our founder was an employee and it came up in funding talks as a red flag, and so she left the company. To my mind it is cleaner to avoid working as a husband and wife team. For the family it also diversifies you away from the start-up, which probably is sensible.

  • Yeah, the question of divorce always comes to mind and the legal + emotional complications regarding share ownership and management. I guess two couples will just double the odds.

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