The full time job or a startup?

I’m just about to leave a startup I’ve been working at for a year. I am eager to delve into business but part of me says that I am just being a kid. I have barely enough capital and no idea what kind of business I want to start. And yesterday, a former employer offered me a job, quite senior, and needs only a one year commitment. Everyone keeps asking why I can’t do both. Can you really start a company on the side and your work will not suffer?

  • You can run a side business, have a full time job, and have a family at the same time. Juggling two is usually not a problem. Doing three will usually cause one to be neglected.

  • Take the job. It’s not easy to balance both, but if you have enough passion for the company you can definitely make it work. With stable money, you can always hire freelancers or project based people to help and get a MVP up and refine the idea.

  • Cash is king. If you can fund the startup without the full time job, I would do that, because the startup will need most of your time at some point. If you cannot fund the startup, then take the FT job and do the startup on the side until you can get it off the ground.

  • Take the job and keep the startup moving.

    A secure financial source is important to give you the resources to take your startup of the ground with a minimum of calm and keeping your bills in order.

    I am running my startup ( for 5 months ) and still have a full time job.

    I know that in few months I will need to dedicate 100% of my time to the startup and will probably quit my job but until that time comes cashing is coming in.

    I pay a virtual office service to do the telephone answering and mail handling very professionally. I use freelancers on demand to help me with the tasks that are not in my area of expertise.

    I automated all the regular customer facing communications , billing and signup processes. if something goes wrong at the technical side some scripts are triggered to recover/restart things.

    When the revenue reaches a certain level I will quit my full time job.

    Good luck !

  • You said it yourself

    “(I have) no idea what kind of business I want to start”.

    Take the job and leave only when you have figure this one out and raised some capital.


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