What do founders think of a no-name VC suggesting public shaming for startups with shitty pitches?

Curious to hear what other founders think.  Do you agree with the comment telling him to quit whining because his job as VC is to wade through all pitches and find the diamond in rough?  Or is it just stunt by unknown VC to generate publicity for himself?


  • Obviously Jay Deng gets shitty deal flow. The best VC’s either a) don’t bother reading unsolicited pitches, b) have associates who’s JOB is to wade through the shitty stuff.

    All he’s doing is exposing the fact that he’s not getting the good stuff.

    What’s next? Publicly shaming obviously unqualified job applicants?

  • What he’s really complaining about is prostrating before his investors to fund his crappy deals. He can’t get enough of the power that comes from controlling other people’s money, even if he has to wade through bad startups.

    How about publicly flogging people who complain about making a gross amount of money channelling other people’s money towards investments?

  • Actually, VCs with small funds don’t really make that much money (which is perhaps why they’re so grumpy/act like doormen). See: http://www.thisisgoingtobebig.com/blog/2014/5/12/the-economics-of-a-small-vc-fund.html

    I’m sure it’s a pain to see tons and tons of crappy pitches from naive founders, but everyone has a part of their job (or eight) that isn’t fun. I’m also pretty sure he was a naive something at some point. I think there are a lot more mature, thoughtful, and productive ways to deal with the issue than “public flogging.”

    Maybe start by realizing how much collective time is wasted by these founders on bad pitches and asking how we can get them viewing the templates/information they need so the efforts of smart, motivated people aren’t wasted. Or just putting a link on your website or line in your email about how you expect to see pitches and suggesting people check out some resource for updating theirs if they haven’t heard back.

    He’s not exactly making himself look founder friendly with that post – I can just imagine his indignation at founders not shipping on time, working out bugs, hitting numbers, or all the other building that I’m sure he thinks is easy/obvious but has never actually done.

  • Why is his site covered in virus laden shiity banner ads?

    His design for his blog is broken on mobile

    What sort and manner of man is this

  • Seems everyone is a VC now. So, he is wrote this PSA to inform us that not only is he a newbie, but also clueless and a minor asshole. Everyone starts out new but there are other newbie investors who are more astute and definitely don’t whine about the most inconsequential things because there are other real problems to think on.

  • Jay Deng evidences himself to be of a sub-species known as the “ankle biter”. Ankle biters are junior associates hired into vc firms to do grunt work, so they may one day grow up to be experienced investors (whatever that means). Ankle biters tag along with their Papa Bears to meetings with portfolio companies. Because an ankle biter rarely has an useful, personal business-building experience to contribute to the conversations, he can be counted on to hurl sharply pointed questions at founders designed to show off his nascent investor know-how. Ankle biters are widely thought to be immune to irony. Don’t worry, though. This ankle biter clearly has no quality deal flow; he’s just looking for attention. (And, it worked, huh 🙂

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