Do you have founder depression or anxiety?

Dana here, SA cofounder and moderator.

A journalist who is writing a story for a very well-read national publication (can’t reveal the name yet) is looking for founders that are suffering from depression and anxeity and are willing to speak about it.

The article will discuss an extremely important topic in our industry, which StartupsAnonymous is proud to be a part of as well.

If you’re willing to partake, use the ‘contact author’ tab at the top of this post.

– Dana

  • Slightly off topic, but hopefully still relevant… maybe it’ll be useful for those who want to mention something openly here – either in this thread, or another (and I know that there’s already several which touch on this)?

    I think it’s a bigger problem than many realise/admit, and in a conventional forum would probably merit/benefit from being ‘a sticky’.


  • i am sure both depression and anxiety are prevalent amongst startup founders. as much as i would like to raise my hand, the sad fact is, that as someone seeking funding i can’t risk investors finding out that i have anxiety. why give them a non-business reason not to invest?

  • Firstly I’d like to share how glad I’m for finally finding a website like this. It would have been of great help when I was on my darkest phase. Anyway, just wanted to share that I’ve been close to suicide and now, 6 months after all my life felt down, I can see light at the end of the tunnel (and for the first time I’m seeing it as a way out and not as another train coming).

    So, for those who were lucky enough to find this website on their darkest hour, I can tell you: it takes time to recover from start-up founder burnout and depression, BUT IT’S POSSIBLE!

    I hope to share more details and help others, through this website, as I recover. But in a nut shell my story is: after 3 yrs with my startup, my investor didn’t recover his investment and I’ve invested all my own life savings on a strategy pivot that didn’t produce the expected results. Also, I end up breaking a relationship of 17yrs with my wife. I’m 40 yrs-old and after closing the office and layoff a 5 persons’ team, I had to come back to live at my mother’s place.

    I’m pretty f***** up yet emotionally and financially, but on the latest 2 weeks I have improved enough through the usage of strong medication, contact with my dog (that had stayed with my ex), exercising and meditation.

    I hope the words above find the ones in need and I hope to share what helped in my recovery, the few interesting articles/books that helped me and the next steps I’ll be taking and their results. But be sure: a few months ago I was researching about ways to suicide and writing my farewell notes. A few weeks ago I was sleeping for 18 hrs/day for several weeks, with no will to leave my bedroom. In the latest 3 weeks my medication seemed to kick in and I’ve being able to stay wake for at least 12hrs/day, perform 1 or 2 tasks, and start to think about what I’ll do with my life and the Apps I have developed.

    Yes, it sounds like nothing, but even when taking a shower or prepare your food is a challenge (many times I showered once a week and didn’t eat for 48hrs), performing 1 or 2 tasks in a day is great. Actually, what I recovered were my feelings of hope. It was the first thing I lost when I closed my business. And it’s the first thing to recover to be able to move-on. I hope to bring positive thoughts and experiences on my next answers.

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