How do you find a partner that has the experience you lack that wants to have a vested interest in your company?

I’m trying to find a partner that has the skills and expertise and financial backing in exchange for equity or partnership, to take my company to the next level. I have turned down investors because I don’t want to learn on their money.

  • your question can only be answered by yourself. What’s the nature of your company? Do you have a friend interested in your product/service/mission? Someone in your network? Have you tried founder dating? Meetups surrounding your subject matter? If you’re still in the learning phase it seems as if you are just starting and haven’t started earning revenue which means you are no where close to being ready for an investor as you don’t have a product or service to sell. If you already have the product/service, hire a sales person and talk to your advisors about your partner needs. Maybe they know someone?

    • I’ve tried answering this question but to respons, the Company is a website for the beauty industry, it’s Career Builder Meets Eharmony for salon owners looking to hire and salon professionals looking for new opportunities. I don’t have anyone interested enough to help out, but they want to invest. I have had to build the website twice this year and honestly I am exhausted from dealing with programmers, they have literally sucked the life out of me. I need someone who is tech savy to worry about the functionality of the site so I can concentrate on the business end and growing the brand. Thanks for your input.

      • You don’t need one partner, you need more than that ! In you original post, you talk about financial skills, and in this one, about tech skills. They seldom come together in the same person. While reading your first post, I thought you were the tech guy, and when I saw this one, you look like the business guy.

        From a technical point of view, I don’t think a website dedicated to beauty industry can be appealing for a tech guy… very few of them are passionate about this industry. But you could find a tech girl. If I were in your shoes, I would seriously consider this option. Idem for the finance girl. If you didn’t think females can be skilled for those positions, it may be the reason why you didn’t find anybody.

        But if you really find nobody, you should consider partnership with investor and hire people.

  • You need to network more. If you’re in an area served well by Meetup – use that to find events related to what you’re doing. These are useful because you know most attendees are at least interested in something you are interested in.

    I’d also look among your customers: a happy customer is one who can both be a potential partner (because they believe in your product) and serve as a positive testimonial for future prospective partners. Other avenues would include things like industry conferences – though these have severe potentially severe location issues (depending on your views of distributed teams).

    Be prepared to spend considerable time in this activity though. You aren’t just looking for a set of boxes to be checked off – you’re talking about tying yourself financially and time commitment wise to someone for a significant period of time. You have to get to know them and be reasonably assured that you can have a successful working relationship.

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