How do I find a cofounder that I can trust and what’s some risks to look for?

Looking for 1-3 cofounders for my tech startup.

  • people who get shit done. seriously, nothing else matters in a startup. if they’re devs, do they fucking ship code and ship it fast, across the entire stack? they don’t get the luxury of being “front end” or “back end”
    Are they honest, decent, ethical people? how do you know? how will you verify this?
    Can they articulate vulnerability with you? can they tell you when they don’t know something, or are scared or angry? you don’t want people acting out of emotion because they lack the skills to talk about their feelings and proceed in a rational way.
    Will they do what it takes to get it done? stay up late? put their own money in? take out the literal garbage?
    Do they have passion for the problem and solving it, because in the end the product is only a guess. they have to care about solving the problem.

    • awesome advice! I would only add: intentionally seek people who are different than you. They will bring strengths and blind spots so you can balance each other. The power of a team is that the collective wisdom is much more powerful than that of each founder.

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