Failed 3 startups. In deep thought now.

The world is a dirty place. Everyone here is selfish. All people talk to you for their personal benefit. No matter whatever you do to them, they will abuse you, belittle you and prove you wrong in front of others. All are just unfaithful animals who can bite at anytime.

People just are too afraid of showing their real self to others that they just behave good even when they hate you like shit. Your money, your goodwill, your fucking car matter to them more than you.

These fucked up people are just sheep moving in the direction of their illiterate parents. They are fighting for money which of course means nothing when they die. These fuckers save their entire life to buy land plots which are ultimately taken over by land mafias and they can’t do shit about it. So, what’s the fuckin’ purpose of being good in first place, if the so called “bad guy” gets it all?

I mean, all these fuckers have to die one day, why do the thing which other people feel is right. How do they know that what is right? From their peers or parents? Who is the fucking judge here to decide what’s right or wrong. And, who told that judge to reach to that conclusion. Is it that if majority thinks particular act is wrong then it’s actually wrong? I mean, who is the ultimate decision maker here?

  • Good or bad fair or unfair. These rules are not in nature. They are made up by society. Some people play by them. Others use them to their advantage.

  • OP: Since you’ve arrived at the altar of bad guy worship via the bitterness railroad, maybe you should join Uber (corporate division).

    BTW, “Everyone here is selfish. All people talk to you for their personal benefit” = funny. Like you weren’t exactly the same way? GTFOHWTBS

  • Try using headspace for meditation. It helps me when i get super stressed.

    These thoughts were probably at the root of why you failed multiple ventures. Good luck

  • My impressions – as I’ve had similar thoughts in the past.

    If you’re a people pleaser, yes people will inherently walk all over you – because you let them. You throw out that signal. I know – I was there. I now am much more guarded about the people I associate with, their intentions, and outcomes. To rectify, I say “no” for a while with new relationships – and if there is still a relationship, I help out in small ways. The “default state” of a startup is always failure – it’s the “fluid path” , the easiest path.

    You have to realize that people generally only think about themselves and their little bubbles of the world. It’s human nature, and a flaw today – but evolutionarily useful. But mostly it’s out of fear, insecurity, and low confidence. When you help people out, in a confident, authoritarian, yet “don’t F* with me” style – things change.

  • ok this is a tough place to be in. But i can guarantee you’ve been people pleasing too long. Being happy is your duty to your self. Yo can’t start a start up to solely make money. You gotta do it because you know you will die unhappy if you dont.

    because that kind of drive keeps you going no matter what. Yes the world is selfish.society has become so. I mean you want people to buy your product/ service right. So you can earn money. or you would be running a non profit. isn’t that selfish??? Selfish isn’t all bad.

    start over, take a job if you don’t want to get into start ups again. your perspective will be diff. you’ll be grateful to your company when you get your salary.

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