Ever thought about what will happen when the bubble bursts and we all need jobs?

What can we show for it?  College drop out, never worked in a real company, not even in an internship, just a few side gigs to keep afloat?

And who would hire us?  How would they view us?  As heroes who tried and failed, but at least tried? Or self-entitled punks who are not able to hold a job or take orders from a manager?

Would our skill sets be valuable? Or would they view our technical / product skills as outdated when the markets move on and we are sticking to our stuff too long?

  • I don’t think the bubble is going to burst any time soon, and even if it does, a crises can be a big opportunity if you know how to handle it.

    I think the real problem will be for guys who have products with zero revenue, a lot of traction, and rely solely on investments for their survival.

    • Like Snapchat you mean? Yea, they would get screwed if the investment money dried up all of a sudden since they generate no revenues and have huge costs due to all their users.

  • Fun fact: 95% of us already have secure day jobs.

    However, yeah, if you’re a college drop-out without real work experience, good luck to you.

  • Dude, if some “bubble” burst, who is gonna to lose their job is the guys you are afraid of. They are more afraid than you.

    • OP here. I know what you mean, the VC guys and fund managers. But, if the money dries out (esp, the angel money when they get burned with their other investments, like their stock portfolios etc), wouldn’t 1000s of startups fade away?

  • If you’re technical, you will very likely still find work. Companies will continue increasing productivity via technology and automation. Demand for technical talent doesn’t disappear, though wages may suppress. Same thing happened after dot bomb 1.0.

    • I don’t think that technical wages will decrease anytime soon, even though Zuckerberg and others are trying to get the whole nation to become programmers so that they can suppress the wages of their own engineers. Programming isn’t easy, especially being a great programmer.

      Most people hit a wall and quit when it gets too tough or remain mediocre. Anytime a profession is sufficiently hard, there will be a limited amount of people that can do it, and hence their wages will go up if that profession is in demand.

  • Even if your a drop out, no “real” company experience and no job to keep run too in case of failure, are you an entrepreneur or not? …… If you are not, you may have a problem, if you are an entrepreneur, you will figure out your next move. Don’t think you need a funded company to pay your bills. Figure out your next move and make it happen. Don’t rely on VC, Angels etc…..

    • So, where would you get your 2K / month to live off from, after everything is maxed out and no investor in sight? What if there is nothing to “figure out” anymore? That’s either ending in desperation, or in a mediocre job.

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