Developers stealing the code?

We have built a B2B saas product which took us very long to build. I used offshore developers in India to help build the product. Now, I’m having a tough time working with them. I was thinking of switching over the developer to Ukraine. This product needs specialized developers with a good amount of skill set on the platform. I am concerned that one of the developers may take the code and they may put it in the market themselves and sell the product. How can I prevent it from happening? I think it’s very hard to work with developers in India and Ukraine, but they are the only developers I can afford.

  • While US contracts might not be valid in India, I’d try to find out from an Indian lawyer about trying to get some contracts, or NDAs that are legal in that country.

    I’m on the same boat. I’ve been working on this idea using some developers from South America. I had to let one go because he wasn’t working and I’m scared on bringing new ones because they might fuck me over. I’ve reached out to a lawyer already trying to get a contract made that’s legal in that country but I’m still working on it.

  • I think it would depend on the nature of your business. The more specialized it is the less chance of them stealing it being, they don’t know your market and even though they built the software they don’t know the channels, angles to sell and market it as well as the product roadmap. These guys derive their income from working on projects, they’d have to spend their own resources to market their stolen version which is not a guarantee of success. If they have a good consulting business I’m sure they’d be happy to stick to it.

    HOWEVER, if your business is much more consumer and general like a snapchat or a game, I’d be a lot more wary.

  • I’ve worked with indians for 10 years and the one thing I’ve learned is they have no clue about entrepreneurialism. The coders only know how to code and have zero common sense. In those 10 years I’ve had the indian do 95% of the work but always hired a local to finish it off.

    I’m trying to say that I would not worry too much about these guys figuring out what to do with this code of yours.

  • If I were in your shoes, I would worry about my business model: if you have a highly technical model and no in-house coders, you are at risks.

    Indian coders are not entrepreneurs. When they are ambitious (and many of them are), the want to become managers in large companies. For them, being important is being the guy who signs the contracts with customers and make the others work. By their culture, they are honest guys who just want a good like. They won’t steal your product.

    Ukrainian and Russians are better coder, on average. Some of them are really geniuses. But most cracks and viruses come from them. They like it. It’s a very different culture. If you give them your sources, protect your ass if you can. But I don’t know how, because those countries have laws, but all this legal stuff is largely theoretical…

    The best you can do is finding a technical co-founder. If you can’t, just do what you can.

  • Once you launch the enemy can steal anything they want including your concept.

    You have to just get it and go FULL FORCE ! That’s why everyone is so burned out in this industry. People steal $hit all day long.You have to have more stamina then the enemy.. How do you think zuckerberg rose to the top. ? Brilliant man.btw

  • Don’t stick with your current situation out of fear of theft. Should they ever finish the work, you’re still left with the fact that they have a copy of your code – so you’ll never actually remove that risk. As a result, the only option you have is to do what your resources will allow you to do to go faster. If that means finishing the build with a different team, so be it. At the end of the day, it’s not just about building a product – it’s about effectively getting that product into the hands of the market. That’s a lot harder than it looks.

  • Hello!

    Friend, its all about ethics whether its a business or in life, which comes from different sources and surroundings. I honestly tell you there are people in the market (India too!) just like every other places in world who try to cheat you & steal your stuff, as they want to rise up quicker and who will take shortcuts to achieve money and fame faster. But this won’t stop us from growing & launching our dreams, after all this what all about learning and overcoming problems, isn’t it.

    The only logical & legitimate thing prevent them to do any harm to us is our precautions we took. Overall not everyone are alike, we all want healthy relationships and good credentials if we are seriously into our business.

    So, my question is have you already signed any legal documents with them, which will prevent them in stealing your codes and ideas (like NDA, Service Agreements etc.) which you don’t want to happen. If not please, consider taking help & consulting from your friends in India or your friend in your country of Indian origin. If all fails & you still worry ping me here, let me know, i am also from India, i’ll try to help in whichever way i can 🙂

    Better to mention:

    I am also from India and is founder & co-founder of two IT-Firms, which are at initial stage & i am working really hard to bring them up in better ways. So, please don’t consider this response as some business preposition, which its not. I am just like any other Start-up stumble upon this website out of interest & going through same daily financial, marketing & people issues like you guys.

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