How do you deal and push forward when your parents no longer believe in you?

I have great parents, I moved back home to build the startup in their garage, and they have helped me a lot financially, but they no longer believe in my startup and think it is tearing me apart and this makes me very upset and depressed, feeling like a real loser, and just wanting to quit it now. They don’t realize success takes awhile and many iterations.

  • Only you know your situation and relationships you have with your parents and how you were brought up, but the fact that your parents did believe in you before goes a long way. The reasons they no longer believe in you is worth exploring given they are giving you shelter and seem to care for you, plus you owe it to yourself and your startup.

    If you put yourself in your parents shoes …..they raised a kid, who left home, and we’re proud. Now your moved back to start somethkng and they are still proud. Now they see you working hard with no gain, is it that they have given up or is it they feel they have failed as parents because you do not know when to exit a bad investment and your only continuing to prove your right because of stubbornness to prove em wrong, like a stock trade that you keep holding till you lost a lot of $$$. because you yourself can’t be wrong to have made that trade in the first place, where others would have long exited the market. That’s what I’d expire.

  • Depends on what you’re doing. Find a part time job 20 hours or so a week to find yourself while you work. Don’t tell them you got a job. When you stop needing them for anything outside of rent, they’ll leave you alone.

    Save the job money and learn on the job. It may just teach you what you need for the startup.

  • It’s very important to realize how difficult it is to start a business TODAY and succeed. Look, you’re definitely not alone. The market is in pieces. Economic crisis, AI, too much competition, wealth concentration etc. It’s something for a super hero today. Therefore, you must treat it like your life’s battle. Because growing a business today is harder than ever before in human history.

    Go invest time watching some entertainment. Like 5 days in a row. Then get back to the game with a fresher mind. It’s important to remember that you’re not a working machine. You need to take care of yourself to be able to go longer than others as well.

    Cheers friend

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