I cope with so much pressure that I started drinking after work. Should I become an alcoholic? How do you fight pressure?

I’ve created several companies worth XX million dollars. I’ve got 4 cars, 2 real estate properties and now I’m in the biggest investment deal I’ve ever had.

My potential partner is a multi-billionaire. He asked a team of 30+ lawyers, tax consultants, analysts, finance specialists, etc. for the due diligence process. This deal has lasted one year already and seems never ending.

Almost every day, they call me hourly, ask lots of questions, schedule huge meetings and try to tear apart everything I do. They criticize my business model, tell me they think all my assets and intellectual property are fake. Every night I get home after work, I’m worry that our deal is at risk of failure. I do sports, I travel a lot, but it doesnt help me. I can’t sleep. Almost every night, I start with a glass of whisky. Then I call one of my girlfriends to have sex.

I’m almost out of control. Should I become an alcoholic? What would you advise me to do, not to stress so much?

  • Film your work, binges, sexy time as it happens, reality show style

    Make a movie a la wolf of wallstreet



    Seriously though the only difference is that you can afford better stuff.

    • Damn, people you cant understand me. I wanna rule the world. And I stress each time I face big pressure on the path to that.

      Imagine you’re spending several years of your life and all your money on one BIG THING. And then you are bout to fail.

  • It seems like you already have everything you need and are trying to reach for greener pastures which are going to blow up in your face. If you get such a bad feeling just doing diligence, it will be miserable once the deal has actually closed.

    Most of this pressure is self-inflicted. Seriously, forget the deal, go back to your XX millions, 2 houses and…. girlfriends !? really?

    If you weren’t stressed and asking for help, I’d say you’re an a**h***

    • Well, you see, a business of my life is on the table. I can loose it tomorrow. In one day.

      Go play poker and bet several years of your life. Then look how your aces are bet with AK.

  • This is a joke.. what are you? the wolf of wall street?

    Stop trying to be Dan Bilzarian and take a long hard look at yourself.

  • This is obvious trolling. Should I become an alcoholic. I call my girlfriends to have sex.

    Great use of this platform. I am sure you will do fine for yourself.

    • Actually you’d better ask editor why he changed my story to a question like Should I become an alcoholic.

      The fact is that I feel like I’m becoming an alcoholic already.

  • start getting sleep
    Work out
    get over yourself and realize your blessings. you are not that important. neither are they. Money isn’t as important as your health or your reputation, addiction will cost you both, I promise.
    If for whatever reason you cannot do any of these things, and I suggest starting with just one at a time, then find yourself a quality psychological professional.

    • I tried yoga. I hate it. I cant read. I cant sleep. I cant meditate. I’m focused on my business and all my mind is filled with all that shit. Only sex and alcohol save me.

      I’m in a kind of trap.

  • Here’s are some steps to get you on the right track:

    1: Stop going to web sites and talking about your fantasy life.

    2: Move out of your mom’s basement and get a real job. Maybe McDonalds.

    3: Take some basic spelling and grammar lessons.

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