Contract or Hire directly in India for US based firm?

About me: Born and raised in India till I was 22…Moved to the US 12 years back.

About my project: Mobile App, should take between 2 -3 months to complete. I have a 2nd app lined up to be worked upon once this project is completed.

So now,

1) Should I hire a contractor (on a work-for-hire basis) just for this 1 project that contracts with my US based LLC and ask him to work from my friend’s office (to allow more control)?

2) Should I hire a full time employee that works directly for my LLC in the US (because there will be more flexibility about changing code and less arguments and I anyway have a second project lined up) – Basically is it possible to hire an individual in India that works directly for US entity?

3) Should I hire a full time employee that will be hired for my friend’s company and I will contract with my friend (closest friend – so not worried at all abt breaching contract and all)? Would that protect me better? Is that easier to do than hire this person directly for my US entity?

I am very confused between my options. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Welcome to the US, hire in the US. If this is your first app, you may not be prepared for the tremendous frustration of overseas developers. Outsourcing has its place, but only for well oiled machines, in my opinion.

    You are 1000% better off having a developer in the same building, if not same room, and best at the same table.

    Good luck with your apps.

    • I’ve been in a very similar situation (UK looking to hire devs in India) and must agree that having them in the same room is best. I wasn’t able to do that so did remote working but just couldn’t get the skills and wasn’t able to supervise due to distance, in the end I gave up and hired higher-skilled contractors elsewhere as my software was business critical so I couldn’t afford poor design/coding.

  • Have you ever managed similar IT projects? If not, build an in house team.

    Since you are from India, you will have some idea about the Indian dev ecosystem. Finding good developers is hard and you have pay them well (>$50K) to maintain it.

    Finding good freelancers is super hard in India for non technical persons. But if you have good network, you can try your luck.

    PS: I’m a freelance dev from India and I have good experience with few valley startups.

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