Is my company SaaS?

Sometimes I struggle articulating what my company is, ultimately it’s a 3rd party marketplace, but would that also classify it as SaaS?

  • The only struggle worth having is the struggle of getting into your customer’s pockets. So what if your gig is part Saas, part marketplace? Pity the fool that can’t grasp that and move on.

  • No its not SaaS since SaaS implies someone paying you to use the service.

    The broader term for marketplace is Agora which implies “gathering place” and your software is better classified as Agora Service Software which can be shortened to ASS.

    When promoting the service, since as you pointed out, there’s a difference between 1st party ASS and 3rd party ASS, so you should market yours as Your ASS in case people confuse it with My ASS.

  • It’s a good question to ask yourself, but I’m also genuinely curios:

    What would you do differently if your company was SaaS than if it wasn’t?

  • Who cares? Customers will not use it if it is or isn’t SASS? Focus on satisfying customers and you’ll be fine.

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