Choosing between a job and third attempt at a Startup

I have run 2 startups in India in the Data analytics domain mainly in the Algorithmic Trading in India. I am facing a lot of difficulties trying to execute my ideas.I want to go global and tap markets outside India.

This whole journey has been mentally painful and financially exhausting. I am confused between whether should I go for a third startup attempt or go for a proper job.

While my financial prosperity is decreasing I am getting better ideas to solve very critical problems of the world like Climate Change, Water scarcity etc. The problem is these ideas are not in my domain though I am able to build clearcut roadmaps of execution and document it as well.

I was looking at the Startup Visa Canada program and was looking to solve those problems but I am not able to find people who are as passionate about solving those problems. Has anyone has experience with this program. It is mentioned that even if my idea gets backing by any CANADIAN organization I will have to support myself financially during the stay in Canada


  • To succeed with a startup you need focus. Start small and then work towards something bigger. Even if you have the best ideas to tackle Climate Change, you won’t get any funding if people don’t believe you can execute.

    I think you should get a job at a established startup for a year or two. It will give you perspective and if you save some money you’ll be much more likely to succeed with your 3rd startup.

    • Have you run a startup before ? The problem is I don’t feel that passionate about working in an established startups and anyone can detect it easily.Most of the established startups atleast in India are working on problems that I am not passionate enough to work on.

      • I’m running a startup right now. I completely understand you don’t want to work for an established startup. I feel the same way.

        It’s irrelevant that most startups work on dumb things, because you don’t work for any random startup. You choose which startup you work for. Don’t tell me that there are zero startups in India that work on something you are passionate about.

        • There are but many of them are struggling or very early stage and facing scalability challenge.Whenever I have tried to approach some of them they expect me to spend money to solve those problems and I am just not in a position to do charity anymore.

        • Anyways thanks for the opinion if you have any previous experience with Startup Visa Canada program please post.

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