In what case(s) is it all really worth it?

Is starting up a company, with all that entails, worth it in the end when the money folks will just come in at a later time and do what they want anyway? There’s no way to prevent that, really, unless a concern is completely self-funded which is rare. Founders are removed by money guys all the time, hostle takeovers, etc.. At the end of the day, is it worth the price? In what cases are self-funded enterprises a reality? Citing something like MZ and FB here is a case in point of just how rare the opposite is true, right?



  • It’s premature to worry about unjustly losing a business that doesn’t even exist yet.

    Only take money from investors you trust. Communicate clearly so the investors get on board with your vision for the company. Create the best company you can. If you do everything right you may still get screwed over by your investors, but the chances are pretty slim.

    Most of us have to self-fund, at least in the beginning. You need to have a product, customers and growth if you want to be taken seriously by investors.

  • Most companies are self funded or funded by friends and family. Venture backed is by far the minority although they get the majority of the press. Of the 99 problems that should keep you from starting a company being robbed by a VC is not one of them.

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