How can I whittle ideas down and take action?

I have always had ideas, some great, most of them awful. However, I have decided I don’t want to get old and regret not having taken action. I am currently working full time as a secondary teacher in the UK and don’t have a lot of time but I know I have enough to create something(s) of value to others.

Does anyone have any good strategies for choosing an idea to pursue further and for then staying the course with that idea and not abandoning it for another idea for fear of failure. I know it is also important to pivot if needed but feel I need to get a small win under my belt to build my confidence and grow my entrepreneurial muscles.

  • If you want a small win take one of the ideas you like and create a single page website (splash page) describing what your idea is and why people should care about it. Add a box where people can leave their email address if they want to know more. Then email them and get a dialog going.

    This won’t cost much time or money and you’ll find out if your idea has legs. If the reception is lukewarm then try again with a different idea. If you don’t know where to start, just do some googling. There are many people who started out from your position.

  • I am in your shoes. The fear of being irrelevant is very real and manifests itself in the form of anxiety in my case.

    After so much “ideaing” around, I decided to take action.

    I am creating an app!! It is an exercise app and even though it has virtually no future in the extremely saturated fitness market, I would be thrilled if it helps just a few people. That would encourage me to take on bigger projects.

    If you want to create something of value to others, I would suggest that you create something of value to you.

    I chose my idea after wanting to lose weight. I knew there were apps that would help me achieve my goal, but after browsing around I could not find exactly what I wanted. That is when it clicked! “I can make something better FOR ME!”

    It boils down to this: if you find value in it, others might too.

    I have not seen my project through to the end, but I have stayed on track. I have done so enforcing two basic personal principles:

    Celebration of small wins.

    Deep, welcoming love for the prospect of failure.

    Small wins must be celebrated BIG TIME! If you create a website, for example, jump, smile, scream, cry, have freaking fireworks going off in your head when you click “pay” at the hosting service. This will take your mind off the huge ladder that is finishing a complex project and will help you focus in the smaller steps needed to get there thus ensuring you stay on track.

    And finally, at least fail! Failing ,in your case and in mine, is a good thing. Because I know exactly what you are doing right now, NOTHING!!! Nada! Not a goddam thing!

    Do yourself a favor and AT LEAST FAIL!

    Best of luck and please keep us posted.


  • You have fear to quit.
    the strategy is simple.
    first quit.
    then, pick up one of the idea who needs nothing and no money, but u and ur skills.
    work on it.
    you will be going to a loop, where you change your “ideas” 100 times or more.
    then you may loose confidence.
    just the key is to not give up.
    little by little you start overcoming fear…
    you will be in the game.
    My advice and pretty much most of startupers say dont do this and have fun with your life.
    But if you are not rational, then welcome to the game of working your ass off.
    Then you will slowly find what u really want.

    good luck

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