Can you sell an idea?

I have an idea for the online gaming industry which has the potential to be massive and the way technology advances these days its only a matter of time before it happens.

I don’t have a physical product to sell just an idea as it would cost millions to even test it. What can I do, the big companies aren’t responding to my emails?

Can you sell an idea?


  • Based on your email, you can not sell it. Nobody care in business about idea. they care about profit which is one million year far from idea. Dont waste your time.

  • An idea alone has no value. You must prove your idea can generate money. Would you pay for an idea ? No, of course not. Nobody pays for that.

    If you pay for ideas, I have many ideas to sell, which can generate billions: anti-gravity, time travel, travelling above light speed… I just don’t have the technology, but those ideas are valuable, aren’t they ?

  • I’ve got a shit ton of ideas for apps and products. But they are all worthless except for the one that I’ve poured my life into and have created a company around.

    Seriously, unless you are going to create a patent, ideas have zero monetary value. Zero.

  • If you simply have an idea you could Read Stephen Key’s “One Simple Idea” or check out invent right and they teach how to license your ideas, rather than sell, them to companies with or with a patent. Good Luck!

  • Yes, great products were built from selling ideas. Sell the idea to your friends, make them a part of your company. Sell the idea to an investor. Sell the idea to your customers. Keep selling it until you’ve a great product. Then sell the product to make money.

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