Can my co-founders do this to me?

Can my co-founders, of a BVI (British Virgin Islands) company vote to sell the company IP to a new company they start without me to kick me out?

Classic case of co-founder issue where my co-founders are threatening me out without a meaningful compensation.

  • It’s called misappropriation. You should talk to a lawyer. Most of them will hear you out for free.

  • Unless the company is worth a lot of money it’s better to just walk away.

    Maybe you’re very naive and you think it’s normal for legitimate businesses to operate from foreign tax havens. It’s not. When you associate with people who cheat on taxes, don’t pay their employees on time, or have general contempt for the law it’s just a matter of time before you end up in their crosshairs. You can just chalk this up as a life lesson. Don’t associate with dirtbags.

    The alternative explanation is that you willingly went into business with unethical people and you deserve no sympathy.

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