How can I get through to my co-founder?

I am having a serious problem working with my co-founder who also happens to be my brother. Going separate ways is not an option. However, I need to somehow get through to him that he needs to change his attitude towards both work and life, which is affecting our startup.

  • White board session. Facts. List the pros/cons too. Sometimes it needs to be spelled out objectively to click. In that session, you will find out a lot about his commitment. Startups aren’t for everyone and maybe he doesn’t want to tell you it’s not for him -OR- maybe he doesn’t agree with your level of commitment or outlook on things.

  • “Communication is Key in everything” Take a piece a paper and write down all the positive things you know about your brother and how much he means to you…Then make a list of all the issues your having trouble with in regards to your brother’s attitude, Life, work and your start up…After that write down the effects that are occurring with your relationship with him and how it makes you feel and how it is effecting your work and business together…First, you want to acknowledge your brother and lift the vibration by coming from a positive place, so that he doesn’t feel attacked. Then go into the issues…Also, stay present and listen to what is being said and what is not…That way you are interacting in communication and not reacting…Positive communication opens up more completion and workable solutions for all!

  • Sit down and have a dialogue, but before you start agree on the rules.


    We needto solve some problems to make it.

    Åpen kritisism without getting angry.

    We need to agree on solutions, etc….

    The make a summary at the end o the discussion and stick with it. ie: we agreed that !!! etc.

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