Where can entrepreneurs go when they have reached their bullshit limit?

Is there a place they can retreat to to restore their faith in humanity so they can get back to work?  I’m less than 60 days to launching my product and I’m two minutes away from walking away from everything.  


  • I go hug my wife. She is consistently, the one human being who always lifts my faith in humanity rather than destroying it. If you don’t have that one person in your life, try going somewhere crowded where people are enjoying themselves (I like farmer’s markets or waterfront parks) and just sit and watch people. Watching people smile and laugh is good for the soul.

  • Grab yourself a good bourbon and watch some Netflix… I also stay up an hour after the wife has gone to bed, generally 12-1am and chill on the couch with some tv… My rule is never go to bed angry / frustrated with anyone or anything. Always fall asleep with a clear mind… Attack the next morning with a clean slate.

  • Or you can just rant on here and we’ll peaceably rant with you, to make you fell less alone in your neck-high pile.

  • -Some people meditate themselves to that place. Don’t know if it really works, tho.

    -Call that buddy or those people that make you laugh, inspires, and encourages you.

    -Go on hikes or a mountain climb. It makes me feel “at one” with the earth for at least few minutes. or just watch a nature documentary if you can’t make it spare the trip out to nature…

  • Go to a childrens hospital and volunteer for a few hours. That will give you some perspective on people and yourself.

  • Write Your Expectations — This is where you remind yourself what is most important to you. Write the goals, intentions, and

    agreements you aim to keep with yourself. This will serve as a self-evaluation tool to gauge

    how well you are being true to the plan you have for yourself.

    What values do you hold as most important?

    What expectations do you have for yourself?

    What are the non-negotiables in your life?

    What activities and actions do you want to increase in your daily life?

    What short and Long-Term plans do you have for yourself?

    What do you want to Do, Be, Feel, Have and Give in your life/in your work/in your relationships with others?

    These questions help me frame a better attitude and remind me what is important in this journey. We feel your pain and via community you will find your way. Cheers!

  • It’s a common problem, and something I’ve felt for years.

    I’ll welcome contact from others who feel this way and who might like to help start a suitable resource. I can be reached through g at glvr.com.

  • Whatever it is you do, make sure it is a good and healthy habit.

    Do something that doesn’t add to decision fatigue, that is critical, and if it is something that helps others, helps your physical and/or spiritual side, or makes you happy, that is success.

    Look for a consistent “out” that is the opposite of BS

  • I feel like that right now!! I want to quit so bad but I can’t too may people want to see me give up. Plus I absolutely hate having a boss, it enrages me. That motivates me to keep going through the stupid shit. Just keep going and try to remember why you started in the first place.

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