Can anyone with business development background in the bay area tell me if this offer is good?

I’m debating leaving where I’m at for an offer with a startup that’s in the series A-B area, salary is 80k, bonus is 20k, and options are 0.25% of the company.

I only have until early next week and I don’t know if that’s a good offer or how hard I should negotiate.  It’s higher than my current salary, in the same area of the bay area.

  • If it’s higher than your salary I would take the offer. Even if the company fails after a few years, you’ll be better off since when you look for your next job you’ll be able to negotiate a higher salary, since most employers will take your past pay into consideration when determining your compensation.

  • First question you should ask yourself is whether you would buy the product/service you’re going to sell. The second question is would you invest in the company. If you don’t answer yes to both than keep looking. Good luck!

  • If this is a Bizdev role, then negotiate a variable component to the comp plan. If you’re confident in your ability and the product, then be willing to take less base and higher upside.

    Ensure your comp/interests are aligned with the company’s, not just “revenue”, but perhaps other ‘traction-demonstrating’ milestones.

  • It is not a very generous offer, but as others have said, if the product and the team is good, it may make sense. Are the investors Tier 1 (Benchmark, Kleiner, etc) ?

  • It is a positive sign that they told you the denominator and exposed the cap table to you so you know what % of the company you’re getting.

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