Bootstrapping tech founder needing a day job

I’ve come to the point that I need to go back to work and get a day job to live while I finish building my startup. Have overcome setbacks, co-founder issues & health problems & bootstrapped everything to this point but I’m out of money and mental energy being isolated, broke & working nonstop. Plus im in my late 30s so I’m worried if I stay out of the rat race much longer and if my startup doesnt become profitable, I will not be able to find a decent job in a tech company.

Also, if I pursue a job in tech sales or product management at a tech co, will there be a conflict of interest or other legal issues regarding code written after I’m hired? Will they allow me to work on my startup in my after hours? Can you launch a startup while working at a tech co? Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • Have you considered working full- or parttime as a freelancer?

    That way you don’t have legal issues (you’re your own boss), and nobody can tell you what to do or not do after hours.

    And you can gradually lower the number of freelance hours as your startup grows.

    Works for me 🙂

  • I do freelance also. It works, but its challenging to get your first few clients, until you have a portfolio strong enough to be sustainable.

    Also maybe try consulting?

    Then again, you can always get just any job. But yeah a lot of full time positions dont like the fact that you have a startup and intend to leave as soon as it takes off. Thats what ive found at least

  • I’m in a similar situation. I have an interview with Amazon in two day, and I’m feeling totally down. I feel like I don’t know what I want to work on next. I just came to the US last year and have only been working on my startup, so my thinking could be wrong, but I decided to go for a full time employee or contractor, save as much money as I could in a year, so I can quit one year later and continue doing what I do. I’m not sure I would earn as much from freelancing.

  • If you’re out of money and energy then it sounds like you don’t really have another option. To continue with the startup you will most likely drain both and the results may not be as great as if you’d approached it fresh.

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