How to best utilize $5000 budget for marketing?

So we have soft launched our service a few weeks ago, got only a couple of clients so far. We still have roughly $5000 budget left to spend from a government aid and right now our focus is getting more clients, obviously. Our service is targetting game developers.

Internally there have been discussions about how to best utilize the money. My co-founders for some reason fell in love with the idea of hiring a “social media expert” (with no experience in the games industry) to post on twitter and facebook, paying her $950 a month and want to spend half the money on that. I don’t see a point in paying for something we can do on our own. I’d want to reach as many people from our target group as possible using the money, and was thinking about putting ads on sites like Gamasutra (except Gamasutra in particular is definitely not for small marketing budgets, way too expensive for us). Then there’s this advisor who allegedly has contacts to publishers and developers and could give us intros, but afaik only from our home country. Our target market is international, so a way to approach more people, but less personally / directly, may be better, or not. I’m not sure what to do.

Also, right now we don’t have one of those cool explainer videos, only a one page simple concept graphic. Maybe investing in such a thing would help? Though my thinking is, a great explainer video is of no use if nobody sees it in the first place because they didn’t hear about us…

Any ideas how to make the best of our remaining budget?

Moderator note: The original post was in Euro. We converted to US currency since the larger majority of site visitors are from the US. 

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