Best to slowly build on the side or quit job and focus full time?

Looking for advice. I am involved in a tech startup on the side and only work on it in the evenings/weekends. Expect to be done in another 8-10 months, but I find myself slipping behind due to procrastination. I am considering qutting my job to basically force myself to succeed. With no job, I have no excuses.

  • I got fired (due to internal politics) and went into business head first. Has been a year and I worked HARD because I had no choice but to work or continue being broke. Business is growing steady but I always have this fear… what if my business fails and I end up going back to work (which I never want to). Quitting your job most likely increases your chances of success because you end up working because you are scared to become a bum.

  • Until you’ve validated that there’s a market for your product, keep your day job. Build MVP while you’re employed. Once you’ve validated that a market exists – and you’re starting to make money – then consider the transition to full time attention on your new business.

    • I think this is the better question. There are no actual guarantees when you quit your job that you’ll procrastinate any less. If you need some sort of ‘fear’ to make your product happen, then try to get it some other way – maybe invest money in it, or set an actual hard deadline after which you’ll stop it, commitment to other people might also help? If you procrastinate because you don’t believe in your product, then it might help to try to get some sort of validation first (i.e. actual numbers suggesting that what you’re building is needed). If you’re procrastinating as a habit then maybe work on it – as a habit?

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