When do you approach VCs?

With plenty of VC holding office hours or welcoming  cold contact, at what stage do you get in touch? Traction only? Early stage concept? After seed round?

  • If you can get advice or befriend a VC by all means do at any stage. Don’t pitch them unless you have traction but in this industry it’s all about who you know. So if they know you, you have a better chance of pitching them once you’re ready.

  • agree with above, if you can get some segment guidance out of it then its worth the time but unless your product requires enormous scale, quickly, VC’s aren’t the route to go until you have significant traction. traction doesn’t have to equal revenue (but it sure helps). granted there are exceptions to this, but typically the goal is to avoid VC and bootstrap until you require it – there are thousands of articles on this subject written by VC’s and founders. it’s a bit painful, but typically worth it especially if you have something of value – then they will find you

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