I have an App in the iTunes Store. VC tells me I’m still at the Idea Stage.

As Startups we have it hammered into us that ideas are useless (and unfundable) without execution. Now the carrot has been moved again. I have executed. I have users. How can I still be at the Idea Stage?

  • Why are you trying to get VC funded? There are clear milestones to get a series A. You should be looking for series seed (angel investor). Wisen up OP and research this stuff next time, it’s all over the internet.

      • +1. Wisen up answerer, VCs seed fund companies all. the. time. No need for you to slam someone for something you don’t understand. Try and be constructive or this whole thing will go to shit.

        • Enjoy getting seeded by a VC fund and getting a negative signal when they don’t invest in your series A round, see how many other VCs will step up to the plate (none).

          Being seeded by a VC unless you’re an established serial entrepreneur is as dumb as taking out a personal loan to seed your startup.

  • Worse, you are in the delusional stage. Why would anyone invest into an app with a few users? There are 2 million of them.

    What else have you got?

  • Did you ask them why they felt that way? VC like angel comments are buying questions to be probed. If they say “I don’t know” then move on… but you may instead get an insightful dialogue about your product or service and then make it better. Remember, Chrysler sold more than 1M K cars, sales do not mean the product is where it needs to be to own a market or even compete at a high level.

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