Anyone has any experience selling companies on Flippa?

Ok I’ve read enough comments and stories referencing Flippa. Not sure if it’s by shills or not but it’s got me interested. I’d love to hear some experience on selling companies on Flippa – companies with products, not domains – please.

  • Mods are deleting any post asking about why people keep shilling for this company on the front page, something is fishy – how much is F lip a paying to post here??

    • Nope, I deleted your last comment because it was dickish. They’re not an advertiser, nor are they paying us anything to appear on the site, but maybe we should get them to become one.

      I’ve counted maybe three references to them in the lifetime of this site, so I’m not sure I feel the same level of distaste as you do.

      • Dana, SA cofounder/moderator
  • OP here. I believe it was YOUR comment that got me interested in Flippa, where you posted that the guy who was looking for avenues in selling his company was a shill for the company.

    Look if I was a shill for Flippa, I’d have posted a comment on how great it is by now.

    • I was actually that commenter.

      I have absolutely zero ties to Flippa.

      I regularly review it as a buyer.

      Here are my perspectives for you:

      con: you would be listing in a sea of Amazon affiliates and churn and burn micro websites
      pro: there are a handful of buyers looking for small software apps
      pro: Flippa is made for a quick sale
      con: you won’t get much credit for development costs. To be candid, I look at as an avenue to find opportunities below replacement cost with my risk being my ability to market, re-position and return on my time to do so.

      Ultimately it depends on how much you are looking for: if under, say, $30k I would pursue Flippa. If it is above that amount, you could probably get a small SaaS broker to represent you (maybe). At higher price points you can get into a no mans land – if you don’t have real MRR and are looking for $150k, you are competing with other listings that have ~$50-$60k EBITDA.

      Relatively new to this forum, so reply to this message and I can do my best to answer questions or generally try to help.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks for the answer. Another post mentioned M&A advisors, I’m assuming SaaS broker is a different type of selling agent? How do you go find these guys?

        • you can PM me on reddit at user “runtri” – let me know if I can help

          here are some of the brokers who represent small SaaS apps:

          Digital Exits – I have worked with them as a buyer

          I would prioritze those two. The advantages over a regional broker (who represents Subway franchises to electrical distributors) is that they get SaaS and what the metrics are and how to position it. They will actually represent your property (a boutique M&A shop needs an enterprise value of $5mm at a min to represent).

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