Has anyone created a sales model to sell their start up product?

We are a start up and launching unique Saas product and we are trying to think of a sales model to sell it and our training/consulting services that go with it. Has anyone used licensing, reselling, etc successfully?

  • With the SAAS product, you don’t sell licensing, however you sell subscription to the product. Many have resellers, you need to make sure that they will use a portion of the contract that you give to them so that you delivered the same underlying SLA’s.

  • Yes. I have.

    Reselling SaaS subscriptions and associated professional training/consulting services is a very popular model. So is licensing your app for re-branding, co-branding by others in geographies or segments you don’t want to engage directly.

  • To the person who wrote the previous answer.

    I was wondering if you can explain the payment terms that you have it your resellers. I wanted to know how much that the sellers sell it for and how much percentage do you get to keep out of it.

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