Anybody else have their computer desktop scattered with notes to themselves in an attempt at motivation?

ie text files, digital stickies, etc.  Even though you may not open it again after writing it?  Talk to your procrastinators anonymous rep, yo.

  • Yeah but it’s better on paper somewhere than taking up space in my head.

    Getting it written down is part of my decluttering process, it frees up my creativity. I’ll go back and sort through the notes/stickies etc from time to time, the moment for them has usually passed though, stay woke on the future 🙂

  • Instead of graphomania, have you tried getting those big motivational posters with a single work and a caption?

    The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  • So here’s my solution:

    keep it all in one text file in Dropbox (so you can add to it from anywhere), and only update that file. (no more stickies, be regimented.)
    go get a free account on
    create a daily recurring email and paste your thoughts in there as bullet points
    set it to send each morning when you wake up
    before you get out of bed, ‘highlight and speak’ it on your iPhone (turn on Speak in ‘settings/accessibility’)
    sync up your list from dropbox to your daily email once a week
    become awesome.

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