Is there an alternative to TechCrunch?

I’ve lost a lot of respect for TechCrunch and the editorial team following their recent ‘media bullying’ of the RadiumOne’s board of directors and investors. Despite the fact that RadiumOne was right to sack their CEO and that TechCrunch had a very valid point, their public admonition of RadiumOne’s board of directors was extremely unprofessional and disturbing.

Lena Rao’s public letter to the RadiumOne’s board members along with Alexia Tsotsis/Matthew Panzarino’s public termination of the RadiumOne Disrupt NY Hackathon sponsorship were appalling in their tone and rhetoric. This must have been an awful slap in the face for the 200+ RadiumOne employees around the world who have worked diligently to build up the company. Not to mention the impact on the top-tier investors who have pumped in over $30m: Adams Street Partners, Trinity Ventures, Crosslink Capital and DFJEsprit. 

I don’t like bullies. I particularly don’t like media bullies. I suspect that TechCrunch’s existing/potential sponsors feel the same way. It’s time to find an alternative to TechCrunch.

  • Hello Gurbaksh Chahal. There are many reasons to dislike TechCrunch, but their attacks against you and your company are not one of them. TechCrunch tends to promote companies that are funded by Michael Arrington or those who sponsor TC conferences.

    That’s the main criticism that I have of them. Also, they have many childish writers there who get on my nerves like John Biggs and Alexia Tsotsis. A good alternative to TC is Pando Daily, but they don’t tend to publish as many articles, although their articles are of higher quality.

  • Isn’t this like saying we should feel bad for the Nazis because Hitler was bad? RO employees knew what they were doing and who they were supporting.

  • Chahal, is that you?! Quite the master at these cowardly moves, bro. You must be such a fine person in real life. I mean, who else would castigate a news site for rightly addressing the BOD of a company whose CEO pounded his GF 117X in 30 mins?! And is mad that the radioactive company’s sponsorship gets cancelled? All in a world where most were criticizing TC for not covering woman-pounding Chahal earlier. …Yeah, you special.

    And no, not even 1 of the employees there is happy working for such an abusive dipshit. Certainly not the long suffering exec asst. who was forced to get you drugs and prostitutes. Funny how you tried to frame him for embezzlement after he dared complain of your habits to BOD. You sued him but had to settle/withdraw when shit hit the fan. GTFOH and ban yourself from life, fool.

  • VentureBeat, GeekWire and to some extent BusinessInsider, as well as Pando but I check TechCrunch the most. Actually I read too much of this crap.

  • ” This must have been an awful slap in the face for the 200+ RadiumOne employees around the world who have worked diligently to build up the company.”

    If the founder’s conduct lead to a backlash against the company, the only person the employees should be pissed off for “slapping their face” is the founder. To put the blame on the press is ridiculous.

  • I actually agree, Lena Rao needs to keep her trap shut. You’re not TMZ, you’re fucking techcrunch. I’d love someone to pull Lena’s skeletons out of the closet.

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