3-week old startup, should we not charge customers right now?

I have a 3-week old startup I founded with my cousins.  Our model is travelers pay $10 to have 30-minute conversations with locals around the world before taking a vacation.  Should we not charge customers right now?

We have over 200 locals signed up and about a dozen clients, some are paying and some aren’t.  In our model we incentivize the local by paying them for their time – this is a cut of the $10.

  • Since you won’t get much in terms of repeat business, you’ll have to figure out how to get tons of new customers in a reliable way. It won’t matter one bit if those 12 customers you have now pay or not. It won’t prove anything, nor will it bring in a meaningful amount of revenue.

    Where are you going to get 10.000 new customers every month? Because that’s what you need to turn this into a viable business. If you figure it out everything else will be easy. If you can’t find a way to scale nothing else matters because failure will then be guaranteed.

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