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A whole lot of people are making the decision to leave the traditional workforce and join the thousands of people who own their own business. In fact, according to numbers from QuickBooks, 15 million Americans are self-employed full-time.

If you’ve been looking at how to get started for yourself, then the sheer amount of information may have bewildered you. That’s why so many online companies are making the process of starting your own business easier. Here I compare two of the best names in the game, Northwest Registered Agent Services and Incfile.

About Northwest Registered Agent Services

Northwest Registered Agent Services have been working hard for small businesses since 1998. They’re focus is on providing customer service, and yes, being your Registered Agent if you’re filing as an LLC.

About Incfile

Infile has carved out their  niche as the absolute lowest cost for filing your LLC paperwork. They have tried to streamline the filing process, and like a lot of the filing services I’ve reviewed, they have expedited options. But they’re seat at the table is secured by their price points.

What Incfile and Northwest can Both Do

The bottom line is that both of these companies offer an online platform that’s easy to navigate and get your small business paperwork filed fast.

  • Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent can help you decide what type of filing is best for you (LLC, S-Type, etc.).
  • Both can act as your Registered Agent.
  • Both have over a decade of experience.

What are the Differences?

So now that we’ve talked about the generalities, it’s time to get specific. First we’ll start with where Northwest Registered Agent really sets themselves apartt:

  • Registered Agent Services in multiple states.
  • Free legal document templates.
  • Excellent, live, personal customer service.

It’s only fair to show how Incfile distinguishes themselves:

  • A 100% free LLC filing option.
  • Free Registered Agent service for first year.
  • Growth and Startup tips and guides.

And the Winner Is…

Pricing: Incfile

Really there’s no beating absolutely free. There isn’t a whole lot else to say. Incfile can help you file and get it done for zero dollars.

Experience: Northwest Registered Agent

This is no slight to Incfile, who’s been around since 2004, but Northwest Registered Agent has them beat by having been in business since 1998. And not for nothing, but the entire time Northwest Registered Agent has been doing it as a local, brick-and-mortar company.

Customer Support: Northwest Registered Agent Services

Again, no slight to Incfile, but I can’t really say enough about having a local phone number listed on every page of Northwest Registered Agent’s site. And when you call, you get a person who can help.

Turnaround Time: Northwest Registered Agent

For all these filing services, I spend the time to make up a fake company, and walk through the entire site. At the end, after exploring all the bells and whistles, the fastest I could get from Incfile was 5 days–but Northwest Registered Agent can do it in three.

Winner Overall: Northwest Registered Agent Services

This really reflects Northwest winning in the majority of categories. But I really want to stress that in other head-to-heads, with some other companies, Incfile would win more than a couple. They have an easy to operate site and system, and really, that free option can’t be overlooked. In this comparison, though, Northwest Registered Agent wins.

And the winner is - 

Northwest Registered Agent Services

  • Competitive pricing
  • Experience with small businesses
  • Excellent customer support

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