Incfile Review 2022 | Fees, Facts & WARNING

Everyone wants to make a difference. Whether we want to make changes in our world, in our neighborhood, or just in our personal finances, we’re all looking to take control over our future. And there’s no better way to start than with your own business.

Starting your own company sounds great, but how do you do it? Thankfully there are websites like Incfile. With one click, you can get started with your own business or nonprofit enterprise. And Incfile can stay with you every step of the way, making sure you can focus on your success.

They have over 37,000 reviews and almost five stars from the website ShopperApproved, which goes a long way with me. But ratings aren’t everything, so let’s get to the indepth review.

Who is Incfile?

Incfile got started in 2004, and since then they’ve helped almost a million small companies get off the ground. They’re dedicated to a few core business practices that are more than just corporate-speak–you can see their dedication in the product you get.

They list “Transparency” on their About page, and they actually talk you through some things up front that some companies keep hidden behind the curtain. For instance, many small business formation websites don’t mention the state fees to look out for. Incfile shows your order summary with actual dollar amounts on the right side of the screen through your entire order process.

Incfile’s attitude of straightforward communication doesn’t end there. Many websites don’t mention the cost of Registered Agent Services. Instead, they offer a box to check, you pay for your order, and then when your company is formed with your state, the company hits you with a hidden fee.

Incfile gives you a full year of free Registered Agent service. Then you can decide whether to keep them on or choose a different Agent. This sort of transparency and customer service is evident throughout the Incfile experience, and really sets them apart.

Getting Started with Incfile

At Incfile, they want the process to be as easy and fast as possible. From the first button you click, “Services,” you’re given a very clear menu of what to do next:

Not only can you see the four big formation options on the left, but if you already have a business, you can see two more menus of extra services. And under the four formation options are quick blurbs about which option is which.

We walked through the process to really vet the website, and we found a lot to like. Right away you’re given a sales sheet, which I wasn’t too keen on. Sometimes looking at sales packages right away can be a turn off.

On the other hand, I do like to see what I might get charged at the end. And they do list the services offered under each package, which I did appreciate. If they’re going to push the more expensive plans, they at least spell out what you’re getting for them.

Like I mentioned before, throughout the order process I was given a price breakdown with the actual number I will be charged. This was really helpful, to know that whatever I clicked I could see how it would affect the price.

Some companies I’ve looked at for business formation don’t tell you the total until the end, and then I have to sift through to see what options I clicked were costing me so much.

When Incfile does offer upgrades to their packages, they offer a nice description of what each upgrade gives you. Being very familiar with the process, I knew the value of having an EIN (Employee Identification Number) and business contract templates, but I think they could have offered a link to a better description of these things.

Incfile’s transparency on the pricing was nice, but not everyone knows the importance of some of these things. On the other hand, the brief description of the items also means they’re not trying to oversell them–a nice, low pressure facet of the process.

Overall, the process of getting started with Incfile was straightforward and easy. I was able to get through the entire formation process in less than five minutes. Of course, if you’re setting up a small business for the first time you might want to read around their website a little bit more.

But for this review, the basic business formation services at Incfile were topnotch. Now let’s take a look at their other Services.

Already In Business?

One of the huge reasons to go with Incfile is their ongoing services. When you go to their business resources page, you’re given a huge library of business guides, tools, checklists, and infographics.

You can browse all these resources by category, and even by type of guide. Whether you're looking to start your own brick-and-mortar company, or even start an Amazon-based company, Incfile has the resources for you–at no cost.

And their ongoing services don’t stop there. You can also go back to that menu I showed at the beginning of this review, and check out any of their other important offerings.

Other Services:

  • Company Name Change: did you name your business after an ex? Change it here.
  • Registered Agent: an important resource, especially for first-timers.
  • EIN (Employer Identification No.): an absolute necessity for bank accounts and the IRS.
  • Business License or Permit: an often overlooked need. Don’t skip it if you’re in a specialized industry.
  • Submit an Annual Report: a requirement in most states, don’t skip this one!
  • Get a Free Tax Consultation: no one likes talking about taxes, but they are pretty much the only guarantee in life.
  • Get a Trademark: in an internet world, having a good trademark could be your best protection against fraud.
  • Finances And Accounting: most of us aren’t starting our own business because we love paperwork. Might as well have Incfile take care of that for you, too.

How Much Will it Cost?

We covered the prices a bit above. One thing to keep in mind, Incfile has a completely free option. Actually free, too. No hidden fees, nothing charged to your card three months later.

I’ll also point out that when I clicked on all the upgrades for the free option, my order summary went up by $200. If I had selected the “Gold Package” from the beginning, the upcharge would only have been $149. So if you’re thinking of going with premium services, poke around through each plan. It might be cheaper to go with the extras beforehand.

Pros and Cons

We did have some things we weren’t thrilled about during the Incfile experience. But overall, far more Pros than Cons.

  • Charges are upfront and explained.
  • Lots of free services and resources.
  • Electronic or physical document options.
  • Fast process with no wasted sales pitches.
  • Not a lot of explanations on upgrades.
  • First sales sheet was a little off-putting.

Final Verdict

I’ve reviewed a lot of small business websites, and Incfile ranks as one of the best. Their website is fast, easy to navigate, and their prices are easy to understand. Any changes you make to your plan are reflected in the price you’re looking at, and their range of free resources is great.

Not only do they have that great 4.8 star rating on ShopperApproved, but they’re transparent about their Registered Agent service and the upgrades charges along the way. I recommend any start up check out Incfile to see if they’ll be right for you.


What Makes Incfile Different?

Transparency. I know I’ve used the word a lot, but it’s important to me. I’ve looked at a lot of websites for starting your own business, and I became wary of the “$0” options. Incfile really is free.

LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, What’s the Difference?

There are a lot of nuances, and which you go with is probably decided by what kind of business you’re starting. Luckly, Incile has a quiz you can take to determine which is right for you.

How Can I Contact Incfile?

Once you’re signed up with Incfile, you have access to 24-7 business support, 365 days a year. You can call on their toll-free number, or interact with them from your dashboard.

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