You know that shitty feeling you get when one of your competitors is covered in the press and they don’t mention you as the competitor. Yeah, that happened today. I wanna scream.

  • That’s a good thing. That means you’re flying under the radar. I would be more worried if I was getting press left and right, because then all of my competitors would have their sights set on me and trying to beat me.

  • Stop being a tosser and do something about it. If you can’t work out what to do, then you should reconsider your future.

  • That happened to me more than I’d like to admit. Ultimately I sold my co for 50mm to one of the two always mentioned. Now I understand the value of a strong person in a pr and comms role. person doesn’t need to be seasoned and no outside firm is necessary… but it’s such an ego blow when it keeps happening. just keep executing.

  • A simple way to address this, is to approach the writer each time with a story of your own. From that point on your are in their view.

    Ultimately, as you know yourself, there are lots of things to concern yourself with running a business other than press, don’t let the media define you.

    If it bothers you that much, come up with a really good counter story. Often things like this happen to companies that don’t have a press office internally or externally. Don’t take it personal, this is a very easy fix.

  • It’s a great opportunity if the topic is hot and getting coverage! Get a good PR/marketing person on board. Get a story- check out what made your competitor “newsworthy” and try to go for an angle that is even sexier.

  • I just learned something new today: I will never mention my ‘baddest’ competitors to press. Thank you man, at least your pain hasn’t gone to waste. Anyway, as someone commented herein, success is the best revenge. And when you up there, if you are talking to press and you need to mention competitors, mention only the smallest, harmless ones. Cheers.

  • They know who you are. Oh they know. They’re just throwing shade because they’re winning the PR war. The PR war is one front in the overall business struggle, but only that.

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