The women at my company make 80 cents on the dollar compared to the men. Also, I pay my employees whatever they ask for.

  • Yeas, it is a sad and oft discussed fact that many women don’t negotiate enough/highly before accepting an offer.

    Do 1 good thing: Why not proactively ensure the women earn as much as men in the same positions?

    • Yes, but don’t sell it like a raise, as men could complain they are not getting one too. It happened to us. Explain them you are adjusting salaries to be fairer.

    • How is that not sexist? Who are you to second guess a woman that states what she would like? Do you think you know better because you’re a man?

      Yes, this is a little sarcastic, but there is a serious question there. Would you ever pay more for a product than the company selling it asks for? I doubt it.

      Also, this will allow you to raise her salary by 25% over the next year(s) and you’ll end up paying her the same you a man would have asked for….

  • Feels to me like you just added that post to stir the pot. Are you conducting a sociology experiment or something? I have a hard time believing your post was sincere.

    • Not at all (OP here). I run a successful consulting business, and with plenty of money moving around, I have the privilege of paying my employees whatever they want (adjustments included, usually yearly but also at the employee’s discretion). Two surprising trends have emerged over the years:

      1.) No one has asked for something unreasonable (i.e. outside of a reasonable market pay range).

      2.) The women have consistently asked for ~%80 of the mens’ salary ranges.

      It came up because of “National Fair Pay Day” or somesuch, I forget what it’s called. I thought it was worthy of note that even when given whatever they want, women still don’t come out on top. I suppose someone will blame me for this, though.

  • Adjusting a salary to bring all salaries closer together is not telling anyone they are “wrong.” Saying you “can’t” tell a woman she is ever wrong makes me think you bring a lot of baggage to all your interactions with women. That’s too bad.

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