A VC passed on our beautiful vision, because they didn’t like the early data. A year later we’re growing like crazy, both cofounders get an add on linkedin from him out of the blue. What I want to say and never will: you are a piece of snot and I will never touch your money with a stick.

  • Why the hate; it is such a waste of energy and is foolish. The best VC’s will tell you that they are only correct on their investments 10% of the time.

    VC’s are not the problem when they don’t get your vision, you are. Learn from that; no matter how good your idea and vision, if you can’t communicate it simply enough you won’t get early funding. And if you are “perfect” in your delivery, you still have to get over the 90% error rate of the VC.

    What you should have done is keep in touch with updates on your progress. Because you obviously feel that both sides spent enough effort and time on the failed funding attempt that you feel he owes you all the hate you have for him.

    Chin up and be an adult about

  • I would do the same. Had the same situation last year – first they give you a lot reasons why our startup is only worth pennies and then when it grows the come back … No interest in those guys

  • They probably don’t understand why your business would do well, and are only interested now because they have proof that you are doing well. At least they kept you on their radar

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