The “startup” I work for operates on just shy of US$4M/year. Over half of this goes to the sales team and upper management salaries. We’ve been around for almost a decade and only generate $750,000 in gross revenue a year.

  • That is really all just a barometer on how valuable what your offering people is; that is what you should be most worried about.

  • How does your company continue to survive after 10 years of $4.5 million in operating costs and $750K gross revenue? Sounds more like a charity than a business.

      • OP here. I wasn’t on the “founding” team (which is two, four, or seven people, depending on who you ask) and poked around a bit. Our funding largely consists almost completely of “strategic investment” money from one overseas conglomerate. If our company fails, the investors get to take all of our code and database records. If we’re successful, presumably, we’ll just end up getting acquired by them, which is the same to them either way.

        Put another way, while we do have a very few customers and clients and some contracts, our major “account” or “contract” is with a potential parent company.

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