The interview between Sophia Amoruso and Alexis Tsotsis at TC Disrupt was really awkward. Looked like there was tension between the two of them.

    • It’s funny because Alexia seems really outgoing in her articles, but in real life she’s very shy. Amoruso is like that in every interview; check out the one with her and Sarah Lacy on Pando; she’s not Marissa Meyer smooth that’s for sure, but she’s definitely a good entrepreneur or else she would not have come this far.

  • TL;DR – Amoruso overdressed and heavy make-up may have created awkwardness with an unsure & shy Alexis as opposite of the situation.

    watched the first 2 minutes.

    I don’t wanna pick on either one and nobdy knows what happened maybe in the greenroom before. but, but … If I were to happen in Sophia Amoruso’s shoes, I would have not choosen that ‘high class super rich model’ ish outfit for a Tech conference full of geeks in polo shirts with sweat stains, trainers and haircuts from SuperCuts. Plus that heavy make-up gulp … you can show up like that at [Insert City Here] Fashion Week. but pls not at tech conferences.

    Look at ex-CEO from Burberry (Angela Ahrendts), she didn’t do interviews dressed up like … this.

    So, for all that is Alexis (shy or not shy, what ever degree), I do not fault her to be intimidated and not knowing how to handle one self and that situation … that Amoruso (maybe unknowingly) created.

    So, a judgement error on the side of Amoruso – how to dress – as Fashion Brand CEO – appropriately (marrying the factors) – for a Tech Conference. And if she did, I think she failed with that outfit (cleavage, legs, wedge heels, and that jacket thrown over, the fat bling and the heavy cacky make-up) – to find passable middle way.

    *disclosure – Female Perspective

    • So have you never seen the clothing on NastyGal? Because the CEO is promoting her own brand by wearing those clothes.

    • Hello?! Exactly! I don’t see why anybody would expect a Fashion CEO to underdress just because she’s coming to a tech conf. She needs to rep her brand at all times and frankly, she’s not asking for favours or needing to impress anyone. The conf invited her to an interview and she accepted (luckily for the organizers) and you attended in person or tuned in online. Ex Burberry CEO has a different style; no basis to compare both women.

      • I agree. The whole ethos of Nasty Girl’s Sophia Amoruso is be who ever you want to be, when ever you want to be, for however long you want to be it, at what ever your age you want to be it or, size, ethnicity, nationality, etc, etc, and certainly don’t be scared, of anyone. Lest of all puny “so called” geeks. For like they say in Spain, it is not the clothes that makes the monk! (here she was treated by a judgemental jealous female interviewer with unconcealed contempt for not pretending to be part to their super sillious “frat” pack bollocks) I am tired of “girls” either, copying her or being really spiteful. So much for female empowerment.

        • Sounds like alexis wrote this. I’ve watched her interview men and she is not nearly as rude or condescending. As a woman who works in tech, women can often be the worst to work with. It’s sad to see her be so awkward with such a successful smart woman.

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