The company I work for just launched a redesign of their site and removed any mention of the (admittedly struggling) product I work on. They also didn’t put up the bio and picture they asked me for two months ago. Killed my drive.

  • Are you an employee? If so, they have no obligation to post it depending on the phase they are in. It is very possible they wanted it to put in an internal package and not the website. Do you have skill sets that will transfer to another product? Do they commend you on your work? If so, don’t let your own ego demotivate you.

  • Since this is totally anonymous , why don’t you give us your

    title at the company and your duties… Thanks .

    Spill it dude…or dudette

  • Seems that your motivation for working at the startup was fame and glory in the form of putting your struggling up on the web site as well as your bio and photo.

    Bad news (both for you and the startup).

  • Ha…I had reverse experience.

    Startup I used to work for wanted to put my photo up on AboutUs page.

    I refused…reason… I was only a contractor without any equity and crap pay.

    Cheeky buggers wanted to get glory over people who they didn’t care for pretending to have fab team.

    Why would I be part of their brand promotion, when they didn’t care about me.

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