The anxiety of worrying if the company is going to run out of cash keeps me up at night. Worrying about the product is keeping me up at night. Thinking about paying the mortgage if I get laid off keeps me up at night. I can’t fucking get any sleep.

  • I think if you weren’t worried that would be worse. Everyone who starts a new venture worries about these things – the trick is to minimize stress levels, so you can still operate at optimal or near-optimal levels – otherwise, you will just end up killing yourself.

    As you know, always look for ways to save money, and always have a Plan A, B, and C for obtaining more money. If possible, you should also compartmentalize issues so they don’t affect your health.

    Make sure you communicate your concerns to your top executives so that they can offload the burden. It’s a mental issue.

    What’s the worse that can happen? A heart attack is ten times worse than a corporate bankruptcy. It just isn’t worth killing yourself over a start-up.

  • This doesn’t sound good, and is no way to run a business. I would be very concerned for your investors. You need to pull yourself together and get to work, instead of spending all that energy worrying. Sound like you’re just not cut out for this.

  • Posters are total assholes. Your worries are quite normal and most founders all have these worries. Getting sleep is hard, but necessary. Try exercise…yes, i know you don’t have time, but something physical tiredness helps a lot.

  • Ciao!

    I suggest for you to smile and laugh. Look at how much you progressed. Could anyone do better then you did so far? Probably. but they ain’t you so for sure they would have had different approach. Figure out what is the main thing at any given present time.

    I am in similar situation, the only thing is when I go to sleep I feel guilty because if I do not move a mussels everything is at halt. We all need to vent something out. Find out want you need to vent and maybe it will help. Deep breaths and take a nap first when none in expecting.


  • Anyone posting about ‘get to work’ or ‘you are not cut out for this’ is full of shit. This IS stressful – for so many different reasons. Minimizing that stress is a lame attempt at macho BS, and I’d be more worried about investors in those companies led by individuals with no introspection and worry.

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