Sometimes when I have a ton of shit to do, I just stare at my computer and do nothing. I’m such a disorganized mess and I really wish I wasn’t.

  • It is called being overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us.

    What works for me; is to take a break and walk away until I am in the zone.

    I have just switched to Wunderlist. Sounds really stupid but I just broke everything down into groups and starred the most important stuff for that day and operate out of the Starred section. There is nothing whatsoever clever about the process, it just seems to work for me and I thought I would share.

    As I have gotten older (30’s) I have found that I cannot work at machine level (quality of productivity) like in my 20’s, so now I break everything down to fit my day.

    Morning from 7am (after run) is brain power stuff thank requires heavy thinking problem solving and then from 10am, it is the generic stuff like calls, admin and email.

    You need to optimise yourself to your preferences – So experiment and find out what works for you best.

    I don’t know if you are burnt out, failing, frustrated or having a bad day; but all can play a factor of looking at the screen and doing nothing.

    You need to work out what it is then work out a way to solve it.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Welcome to the club. I keep adding stuff to my plate when things get behind until I reach the point where I totally procrastinate on everything. I’ve found – for me – at least a solution. Whenever I get overwhelmed like this, I force myself to “replan” everything – my subconscious resists this because I’m already pressed for time – how the heck do I have time to plan?

    But whenever I do, my mind frees up again and I’m able to get somewhat productive… until things start backing up and the cycle repeats 🙂

  • I get this every now and again and I find a ‘day of achievement’ helps no end. Mark on day in the week and put down all the really boring annoying tasks and just get them done. You start the day knowing its going to be crappy but at the end of it you have a pile of stuff done and you can be creative again.

  • I have the same thing. I even have certain clients I avoid and hate opening emails from. I now sort of have a mixture of a task list and a reward system.

  • WTF is this wishful thinking? Wishing that you weren’t afraid of the mountain ahead of you is unrealistic.

    Manage yourself.

    • Well that’s less than helpful. The person is experiencing a legitimate low resource state and reaching out and you shoot them down & tell them to “manage”. How about some helpful ways how?

      I’m a cognitive performance specialist. What we find in studies on performance in home or corporate offices that helps break low resourse state paralysis is pulling focus and super oxygenating the brain. The best way to do this is twenty minutes of aerobic exercise you truly enjoy, such as dancing to your favorite music or shooting hoops, etc.

      The most optimal way of both super oxygenating and curing a host of other ills generated by being too plugged in and over stimulated, is an aimless walk through the woods or on a beach. Failing those two negative ion (nature’s anti-depressant) generating spaces, go anyplace outside without agenda.

      Then when go back to your work, your brain will be completely refreshed and able to prioritize a starred punch list like the previous writer wisely suggested.

      • So the “cognitive performance specialist” suggests that you take an aimless walk through the woods or on a beach. Maybe he/she/it should go back for another specialization on practicality since that seems to be lacking.

  • If replanning doesn’t work, start with a minor task, the feeling of having completed it might help you restart you engine

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