Sometimes I wish I could turn it off. You know what I’m talking about. That drive. That little voice saying it’s not enough. You can do more. You’re wasting time. I’d love to have a beer with my friends without feeling guilty…

  • Get that beer. Seriously. I used to feel that way in the beginning. Your productivity goes to shit when you live like that. You need some space. It’s actually helps your thinking. And everyone needs an outlet. Get the drink. You’re probably every bit as responsible as you’re supposed to be and you’re only going to burn out early if you don’t decompress.

  • It would be fun to just keep going on forever, but physical limitations prevent you from doing so. Rather than just keep on going until you reach your physical limits, it will probably be better to determine your quitting point in the context of what other demands are on you than to spend all your resources by default on just this one job.

  • Read “what to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. That will put you straight in no time. 😉

  • Man, I was hustling my ass off and reached this point to. I took a full week off and by the end of that week I came back bigger, stronger and faster!!!

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