Sometimes I think I should have a sex change… A guy who runs the Venture Fund for a major corporation just knocked me out the running because I’m not interested in dating him. I think I’m going to just lie and say I’m gay from now on…

  • That vc did you a favor by not controlling you with his money.

    Eventually enough VCs will shame investors for acting like that it won’t be done anymore. Or, if this VC has a reputation for doing this, then talk to a lawyer.

    But neither of those battles will help you with your business. Focus on the road. When you “make it”, then you’ll have the budget for social justice to improve things for the women after you.

    • Why would she talk to a lawyer it’s the VCs money he can do whatever he/she want.

      Omg just move on to the next VC who cares..

  • That’s predatory sexual harassment and/or solicitation for prostitution.

    Tape the guy soliciting you.

    Play it back for him over the phone.

    Renegotiate from a position of strength.

    Land for peace model.

  • I think I’m going to just lie and say I’m gay from now on…

    Smart solution. I consider this sometimes. They say pain is only during first month.

  • Then you run the risk of.. is she hot… come on over and do each other on the table while jack off over this term sheet…

    A d-bag VC is a d-bag VC.

  • Never sell out. People who react in such a way are not to be trusted.

    Keep moving and at some point you will find someone who will back your and your idea and not for personal reasons.

  • I can relate to your comment. It definitely feels like there is an advantage to being a man in the start up world. I’ve had people start to engage in business with me because they wanted a date. I’ve also had people not take me seriously, and act like it’s cute that I want to run a business because I’m female. Unfortunately, I think this is just the reality of companies… especially in the VC and equity industries. It’s definitely male dominated.

    However, eventually, people will know you’re serious about what you’re doing. Eventually, you’ll be able to filter the bulls*t out enough to where the business relationships that you have matter the most.

    My advice would be to surround yourself with good support and community. By “community,” I mean other females in the Venure Fund, female start up space, or office space where there’s an eclectic mix of businesses (possibly parallel audiences).

    It helps, because then you get the support of others. You’ll also be surrounded by people who will take you seriously because you have a good rapport with them.

    Good luck!

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